Wedding Count Down: T-10 months

As most of you know by now, I am getting married in less than ten months!  I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. I am both very excited, but nervous at the same time.  Those that really know me, know my track record with relationships, and know that this is a HUGE step for me.  I’ve never been this serious about anyone before, and I’ll admit, it’s scary as hell.

I decided that I am going to start blogging about how wedding plans are going.  This way not only can I track my progress, but you guys can see what’s up in Weddingland 🙂

I already have my wedding gown, and my mom just bought her mother of the bride dress today 🙂 We have the church, and the reception hall.  Next up on the list of things to do, is to get the bridesmaids dresses. Oh, we also have our wedding rings 🙂

The date is October 14 🙂


9 thoughts on “Wedding Count Down: T-10 months

  1. oooooohhh, how exciting!!!!!!
    So make sure you open a new e-mail address. If I could, I would have gotten a pre-paid phone just because it is the same as the e-mail. Marketers call and call, non-stop. It gets annoying. so yeah, keep us to date.
    I got my reception hall and the church too. and of course my dress which was the first thing i got lol 🙂 it”s so exciting. I love my dress and can’t wait to see you dressed up as a princess 🙂

  2. @Nidia LOL! I’ve already done the new email thing. Our youth minister actually told me that a few months ago. I know what you mean about all of those solicitations! I get several a week.

    @stacie I haven’t decided on the bridesmaid’s dresses yet. I’m still looking, but I’m thinking peacock.

    • oooohhhh what is peacock? the color or are we getting costumes? omg. costumes will be greattttttttt. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol..

  3. Yay for wedding planning! How exciting! 🙂 Peacock would be beautiful. And your date is my BFF’s bday – great day! Congrats again! And yes, please post pics. We’d love to see them!

  4. Beautiful banner! I got married in the court house. Can’t say I regret it. Didn’t want to spend all the money, used it to buy a house. Still married 12 and a half years later and two kids. I will watch you go through it.

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