So, my short stories, Murderous Regrets & Moon Spirit have been being offered for FREE on smashwords & on Barnes & Noble since December.  I have been trying to get Amazon to pick it up, but for whatever reason, they just…won’t.  I NEED YOUR HELP!

Granted, Barnes & Noble has only picked up Murderous Regrets for free, but one is better than none, right?  So, here is what you have to do!

Here is the amazon link for Murderous Regrets:


Do you see how high my sales ranking is?  I am number 322,331 in kindle paid stores. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!  Now, Barnes & Noble has already made Murderous Regrets free (and we all know how difficult that is).  You are going to need this link and do the following:


Go to the amazon store by clicking on the first link. Once you are on the page for Murderous Regrets, click the link that says “Tell us about a lower price.” It’s a blue link and is under product details. CLICK THAT LINK!

A pop up box is going to appear, and ask you the following:

Where did you see the lower price?

Web (online)

Store (Offline)


Once you select that, the box will expand and ask you for the following details:

URL (this is the url of the site you saw it for free on).  This is where the barnes & noble link comes in handy.  Here’s the barnes & noble link again: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/murderous-regrets-beth-ann-masarik/1030176050?ean=2940011214868&itm=1&usri=murderous+regrets

Price ($): Type in 0.00 (they won’t let you type in the word free . I already tried it)

Shipping cost ($): Again, type in 0.00

Date of price: You can either type in today’s date, or 12/1/2011 which is when it went free on smashwords.

Please post a comment here or let me know somehow that you did this. I’d really appreciate EVERYONE’S help. Thanks guys!



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