Character Chat #2-Selene learns about Harry Potter!

For this weeks Character Chat, I am happy to have Selene Aysel, who is the protagonist in my book, The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness.  Last week, I had my leading male MC, Damien Wicklin.  For more information about The World Among Us, please visit my publisher’s website at or visit my new website at  I am in the process of switching servers, so please pardon the mess. I will be purchasing a domain over the next few weeks :).  Now, onto the Character Chat!

The teakettle whistled loudly as the doorbell rang to my house.  I turned the fire off on the stove, and rushed to answer the livingroom door.  “Coming I shouted,” as I tripped over the carpet.  I had just steadied myself when I opened the door.  My face flushed every shade of red as air got caught in my throat.  Standing before me was one of the world’s most beautiful women…Selene Aysel.

Selene stood at about five and a half feet tall, with beautiful long, fire engine red hair, and emerald green eyes.  Her skin was smooth and flawless, and she looked like a porclean doll. She wore a long, white dress, and her full, red lips smiled at me as she entered my home.

“Ah, Selene!  Welcome,” I said and greeted her with a hug.  “You’re just in time for tea.”

“Wonderful, Beth, thank you,” she said in a voice that was soft and silky.  She escorted herself to the dining room table, and invited herself to sit down while I poured tea in our teacups.

“So what did you want to talk about today, Selene?” I asked as I brought our cups to the table.

“I want to know why you hate me so much, Beth?” she asked as she sipped her tea.

I looked at her, bewildered and speechless.  How could she think that I hated her?  Selene was my most prized possession; one of my favorite characters.

“Hate you, Selene?  Why do you think I hate you?” I asked as I stared at her, confused.

“Then why do you make such terrible things happen to me?  First, I lose Blake, then my mother, and now you’ve made me a witch!” She exclaimed.

I sighed and frowned.  “I don’t hate you Selene,” I tried to reassure her.  “You are one of my favorite characters.  You are the protagonist in the series.  It’s tradition for the writer to make bad things happen to them.”

“I’ve had enough bad things happen to me to last me a lifetime,” she replied while pouting.  “Can’t you make them stop?”

“I wish I could Selene.  Believe me…I really do.  But, some more bad things have to happen in order for the good things to finally take place.”

“How many more bad things?” she asked dreading my answer.

“Unfortunately, Selene, I don’t know the answer to that.”

She let out a humpfh and drank her tea.  I played with my cup, suddenly feeling bad about the things that have happened to her.  Suddenly, it dawned on me; there were other protagonists that have gone through similar, if not worse things then she.

“If it’s any consolation, Selene, Harry Potter had to go through seven books…SEVEN BOOKS, before he finally got his happy ending,” I said, hoping that would make her feel better.

She looked at me like I was insane.  “Harry Potter?  Who is this Harry Potter you speak of?”

“He is a character that another author by the name of JK Rowling created.  She made him wait SEVEN WHOLE BOOKS until he was finally able to be free of He Who Shall Not Be Named.  If you ask me, I think that Harry had it worse than you,” I replied.


“Well, for starters, you at least knew your parents, well, your mom anyway.  Harry didn’t.  His parents were killed when he was a baby.  Then, he was forced to live with his nasty aunt & uncle, who treated him like dirt.”

Selene’s mouth hung open as she listed to the story of Harry Potter.  It must have finally sunk into her that I really didn’t hate her after all, because I could almost see the wheels in her head turning.

“Well, I guess you are right, Beth.  There are other characters out there who have it worse then I do.  I just wish that someone would tell me already why my powers were hidden from me for so long,” she said.

“You will find out why very soon Selene.  Trust me,” I said with a smile.

“If you say so,” she said with a shrug and we both went back to sipping our tea.

Well, there you have it folks! That was this week’s character chat.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Please let me know of what you thought  by leaving me a comment below 🙂


4 thoughts on “Character Chat #2-Selene learns about Harry Potter!

  1. This was very fun! Poor Selene! (if it’s any consolation, i’m waiting for her to find out the answers to her questions, too. Selene, you are not alone!)

  2. It’s true, isn’t it. The long painful process that we put the protagonist just so that they can learned something. Can’t we just send them to school and get it over with? 🙂 JK Ecellently written, Beth!!

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