Wedding check-in: T-8 months! (Bridesmaids dresses-CHECK!)

It seems like it was only yesterday when Kevin proposed to me.  Now, here we are and there are only 8 months left until our wedding!  So, all of those things that we have been putting off until “after the holidays” are FINALLY getting done!  We can now officially cross Bridesmaid dress shopping off the list.  I REALLY want to show you all the dress RIGHT NOW, but, I’ve been told I have to wait until it’s closer to the wedding date.  Which, I guess makes sense.  It’s a pain in the butt, because the dresses are SOOO PRETTY, and my girls look SO BEAUTIFUL in them!

Next week, Kevin and I have a meeting with a potential photographer, so I will blog again next week about how that went!  In the mean time, if anyone can recommend any decent wedding DJ’s  in the NY area, please let us know!  That is next up on our list.

2 thoughts on “Wedding check-in: T-8 months! (Bridesmaids dresses-CHECK!)

  1. Me too! of course, you’re right not to show us now because then we will just be that much more eager to see YOUR dress. 😉 Sounds like everything is going smoothly! hope it stays that way for the next 8 months!

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