Masquerade Read-Along-week #1

Cambria Hebert
So, I decided to participate in my very first read-along. I’ll be perfectly honest, I have no idea what I am doing. I had also never heard of them before I met my wonderful publicist, Heidi. I am currently reading a wonderful book called Masquerade, by the lovely, and talented author, Cambria Hebert. Before I continue with this post, let me just say this…GO PICK UP THIS BOOK NOW! YOU WON’T REGRET IT! Now, let me continue with my answers to the questions for the read-along.
1)1. If you were disfigured like Heven (by some sort of accident) do you think you would have reacted the same way as her? (loss of self confidence, hiding yourself, etc).

My Answer: Yes, I probably would be. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I had a scar that goes halfway down my chest, and I was embarrassed by it most of my life until I hit high school. Am I still self-conscience about it? Yes, I am, but not as much. I’m more self conscience of a nasty looking scar that I acquired thanks to an ex boyfriend of mine a couple of summers ago when I was at college. I HATE wearing shorts and bathing suits because of it. It’s a reminder of my idiocy and dark times. Yes, I have Kevin now and it shouldn’t matter, but that’s a part of my life I will never get back. I waisted so many months fawning over that guy. I should have seen the signs. Perhaps I’ll explain more in another post about this scar and will delve more deeply into how I got it. But, long story short, yes, I would be in the same boat as Heven.

2) Do you think that Kimber’s plan for revenge against Cole (for kissing another girl) is a good idea?

To be honest, when I read that scene, I literally smacked my forehead and thought, “don’t do it!” She obviously didn’t know that you get burned when you fight fire with fire.

3) In the beginning chapters, Heven is very drawn to Sam but won’t admit it due to her own insecurities. Kimber begins to “date” Sam… do you think that Heven should have spoken up? Do think Kimber should have seen Heven’s real feelings?

Yes, and yes. Obviously, Kimber isn’t a mind-reader. If anything, she is oblivious to her own surroundings. She only seems to care about herself, and in my personal opinion, is quite vaine. However, Heven should have said something to Kimber about her feelings for Sam, but I understand why she didn’t.

4) Masquerade is broken in four separate POV’s: Heven, Sam, The Hate and The Hope. Do you think having multiple POV’s adds depth to the story? Why or why not?

I do, actually. It helps us to understand the characters better. It’s what separates Masquerade from other books that I’ve read recently. (In a good way of course!). The different view points make me want to get to know the characters more.

5. A great source of strength for Heven is her grandmother. Who do you think yours is/would be?

For me, that would be my mother. She is someone that I know will always be there for me, and someone that I can confide almost anything to.


3 thoughts on “Masquerade Read-Along-week #1

  1. Great answers this week! Sounds like you have had a few experiences that have left you feeling a bit like Heven but thankfully thats behind you now! Bring on the good times!! Lol. Thanks so much for being part of the read along!

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