Masquerade Read-along week #3

Welcome back to another week of the Masquerade Read-Along, a book by the lovely Cambria Hebert.  This week’s host is Heidi over at Rainy Day Ramblings.  I honestly can’t believe that next week is the final week of the read-along!  Time certainly flies.  Next week’s host is Cambria Hebert herself.  For a complete list of rules and guidelines, you can visit her website/blog or Heidi’s blog.

If you missed my previous read-along posts, you can read week 1’s by going here, and week 2’s by going here.

Now, onto this week’s questions!

1. Heven’s mother has definite ideas about Heven and her scars – what they mean – and their relationship is strained. Do you think their relationship can be saved?

Honestly, this is a really tough question.  As I stated last week’s blog post, Heven’s mom is a religious nut.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  I think that it’s great that her mother is close to God and all, but, I seriously think that there is some mind-manipulation going on with the Pastor and her mother.  This might be far-fetched, but I actually think that the mother might be having an affair with the pastor (or one of the priests of the church).  Hey, they’ve been known to molest children…it could happen.  I don’t mean to offend anyone (I am actually quite religious myself), BUT, there is a very fine line between doing God’s work and being a Christian (or whatever religion you are), and thinking your daughter has been marked by Satan.

I think that while it is a long shot, that it is possible for Heven’s relationship with her mother to be saved. BUT, her mother must first come out from under the shadows and realize what she’s doing to Heven.  I understand that her mother’s actions could be the result of losing her husband, but that still doesn’t make them right.

2. Sam tells Heven about how he came to be living on his own, how his parents kicked him out after he became what he is. He doesn’t seem angry though, he seems to accept it. Would you be angry? Do you think he should be?

I think Sam was probably angry and hurt in the beginning, but it never does anyone any good to hold onto that hurt, hate and anger for too long. Otherwise, you become it.  Take a look at China and what all that anger and hate did to her.  I honestly don’t think that Sam should be angry at all.  He has Heven, and now knows that there is more to life than being destructive.

3. During these chapters, Heven and Sam visit the Inbetween and meet Airis (aka The Hope). Were you surprised by this series of events? Do you think a place like the InBetween really exists?

I actually kind of was surprised.  I thought it was honestly very well thought out.  That’s honestly kind of how I picture the “Inbetween.”  Yes, I do think that a place like the InBetween really exists.  Where else are souls supposed to go while they wait for judgement?

4. When Heven’s scars are no longer a part of her and she says “she no longer recognizes herself” – do you think that the absence of her scar will change her once more?

I think they will, but for the better.  She seems to be more aware of her surroundings than she was before, which is good.  I think her not having her scars will help her realize who her true friends are.

5. Gran is very accepting of Heven and of Sam. Do you think that she understands more – knows more than she lets on about Heven’s life or do you think her love is just unconditional?

My answer is yes to both questions.  I think Gran loves Heven unconditionally, but I also think that she knows more than is let on.  Gran strikes me as the type of person to know things that others don’t.  She is older, and wiser.  In most books that I have read, grandparents (especially the grandmothers like in House of Night for example) usually know what’s up, and they have been around long enough to hear urban legends and all that jazz.  I think she suspects there is something unique about Sam, and now Heven, but is waiting patiently for her to come clean.


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