Special Valentine’s Day Giveaway & Scavenger Hunt stop!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!  I really do hope that you all are having a wonderful day with your special someone.  I’d like to invite you all over to my good friend and “twin”, Erin Danzer’s blog to meet the MC’s of my novel, The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness, Selene & Damien.  Yes, you’ve met them briefly through my Character Chats, but now you’ll get to meet them as a COUPLE.  All together now: AWE! LOL.

PLUS, if you hop on over to Erin’s blog, you can enter for a chance to win the mega grand prize at the end of the month PLUS an ebook! How awesome is THAT!?  Also, you should check out her post for the big reveal of the scavenger hunt grand prize.

So, what are you waiting for?

Wait, what? You need the link you say?

It’s: www.erindanzer.blogspot.com

Now, what are you still doing here? Come on…I’ll race you!

New location for today’s stop

There is a new location for today’s stop on my tour. I would really appreciate it if you would join me at my friend, Marla Todd’s blog. http://westcoastreview.wordpress.com/

Over there, I am talking about magic!

A Writer’s Journey

Hello everyone!  It’s just your friendly neighborhood author here.  I created this blog so that I can track my progress as an author & new blogger.  I can’t believe how much there is to blog about these days.  I remember back in the day (about eight years ago), I used to blog on Myspace (does anyone remember those days?). However, all you could do with a myspace blog was write a post and comment. You couldn’t create special pages or meme’s. Now, with sites like wordpress & blogspot and so many others, they have created a whole new world of possibilities.

The purpose of this blog, is so you guys can get to know me as a person. I will be honest here, I don’t want there to be ANY drama what-so-ever on my blog!

Because of my crazy schedule, I won’t be able to blog every day, but I will blog as often as I can.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy what you see!