Tell Me Something Tuesday

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week of Tell Me Something Tuesday.  This is a meme that was started by my friend, Cambria Hebert.  This is the meme where she asks us a question, and we answer it.  This week’s question is:

Do you like social media? Why or why not? What is your favorite social media to use (FB, twitter, GR, etc.)?

This is a difficult question to answer.  Why? Because I love social media, but at the same time, I hate it with a passion.  Let’s start with the reasons why I HATE social media.

I hate social media (facebook, twitter, goodreads, etc), because of all the drama I see.  It is easy to get caught up in it, and it’s so easy to pick on and bully someone online.  Take it from someone who has been on the receiving end of the bullying.  It has since then long stopped (many of you know the stories and the actions that I took to stop it), but still, it is VERY easy to fall into the wrong crowd online and to let these people get to you.

HOWEVER, Social Media has a lot of positive sides to it too.  Places like Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads have helped me connect with old friends and even new readers.  I’ve even met my first publisher through an ad on facebook! So, social media is great for publicity and for networking purposes if used correctly.

Overall, social media is kind of a necessity these days especially in my line of work…writing and publishing.  I’ll admit, I’m a bit obsessed with Facebook and Twitter, though not so much goodreads (mostly due to the author & reviewer wars I’ve heard about). 


Unplugging and reconnecting

Let’s face it guys…I am addicted to social networking.  It’s crucial to my line of work…being an author and an indie publisher.  I just never fully admitted it to myself until just now.

I mean, honestly, how many of you actually care about how many words I’m writing at that particular moment?  Or how many of you actually care about if “I’m heading into work?” etc etc. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t care.  But, that’s my point…I post on facebook and twitter too much.

I post so much so, that my mom and I even had a discussion about it earlier today (and several times before that).

THEN this evening while I was browsing facebook, I came across this article titled “Taking a Social Media Break” that one of my friends had posted.  Curiosity consumed me, and I clicked the link to the article and read it.  Guess what? It got me thinking.

While it will be very difficult for me to completely stop posting for a full week on all social media networks (including blogging), I am going to limit it to weekends at first.  (Saturday’s and Sunday’s).  I am going to start this as soon as my blog tour ends in the beginning of July, and will try it for a couple of weeks to see how I do.  Because honestly, it’s gotten to the point where when I wake up in the middle of the night, I find myself checking my facebook page and my twitter feed on my phone (and my email).  So, beginning July 7th, I will be unplugging for 48 hours to re-connect with myself and the life that is passing before me.

Now, what I would like to know is, would anyone be interested in doing this with me?  I think it would be a lot of fun to get a group of people to do this with, and at the end of the 48 hours, we’d reconnect with each other, and compare notes to see what we each thought of this unplugging.

This unplugging includes:

No blogging

No facebooking

No tweeting

No google plusing

No tumblr

Limited to no e-mail.

So, who’s with me?